Johnson Lake EMS began in January 1980 by receiving a grant from the State of Nebraska. Twenty-five people began training as First Responders. Planning ways to fund this new service began and by May 1980, the squad had raised $15,000 which purchased radio and medical equipment.

We serve the Johnson Lake and surrounding area. We respond to calls around the lake and care for patients until the Lexington Volunteer Fire Department or the Elwood Volunteer Fire Department arrives to transport the patient to Lexington Regional Health Center.

Our services are free of charge to our patients and all of our members are volunteers. We receive no funding from Dawson County, Gosper County or the State of Nebraska. Johnson Lake EMS is solely donation driven and supported. These donations are greatly appreciated and are used to update our equipment and provide ongoing education for our volunteers so that we may better serve you. Our very existence depends on your donations.

The members of the Johnson Lake EMS began with nothing and knew very little about the world of EMS. In time, we grew to be respected by our peers and community. We are giving back to the community by volunteering our time to help those in need.

If you looking for an outstanding way to give back to the community while gaining invaluable life saving skills, look no further! Johnson Lake EMS is currently accepting applications from folks interested in becoming part of the rewarding field of Emergency Medicine. If you are an individual who is at least 18 years of age that lives at or near the Lake and you would be willing to spend a few hours a month helping people during their time of need, then we want you! Call Randy at

Become part of a team that can make a difference in someone’s life, join Johnson Lake EMS today! Whether you are visiting Johnson Lake or you reside here, you can feel safe and reassured knowing that Johnson Lake EMS is standing by, ready to assist you day or night. Simply Dial 911 from any phone!

View the water rescue training pictures posted on the site and be sure and thank the dedicated members for their time and hours of volunteer service.

This organization is funded entirely by private donations, as it receives no tax monies. Contributions are always welcome, simply mail to:
Johnson Lake EMS
Johnson Lake Drive 8A
Johnson Lake, NE 68937

If you have any questions, or are interested in the next membership class, feel free to contact Randy Stieben,
402-604-1450 or any member for details.